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Bagaimanakah Nasib LPJ-ku ?

Helloooo~ How are you, my pals?
As simple as the title, I'll talk about my LPJ tonight ^w^

Waiiit~! What's it LPJ ? LPJ stand for Laporan PertanggungJawaban.
It's some kind of report that made by each responsible person on a Sekbid after holding an event on the school.
OSIS are divided into some Sekbid; There's total of 10 Sekbid in my school, and each Sekbid have a right to use OSIS's fund to held an event.
Well, as you know, no one want to spend their money for nothing, and the OSIS's fund as well.

There's a rule when you want to spend OSIS's fund:
1. Make a proposal; to get a permission of your event.
2. Requesting the permission to the principal; and other administrator.
3. Submit your proposal to OSIS's treasurer; then the treasurer will give the amount of fund that you needed for your event.
4. You work for the event; with the help of the rest of your committee, of course.
5. When helding the event, make sure to keep all of the bill saved.
6. After the event done, make a report; when and where it held, how's the event going, and the most important thing-what did you used with the fund.

YES, the 6th part, is what we called by LPJ, and that's what I'm working with now :|
But, there's always a problem in a limited time like this.
The student council president have give us an announcement that all Sekbid MUST submit their LPJ to the treasurer no later than Monday, August 22th 2011; that means tomorrow.
And there's no one of Aoibara's member that help me to make this LPJ, even if I've asked them forever.

Well, I can do it by myself, IF all the data of the events and all proposal are in my folder.
But in fact, the secretary bringing the proposal and the other things, but she refused to hand it over to me.
The head of Aoibara didn't know how much fund that we spend on "B Event".
Then I can't contacted the chairman of committee "B Event".
The other committee members DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING!

What should I do right now ? Make a fake LPJ, huh ?
For anyone of DPK that read this, just don't blame me for that LPJ, since I really really don't know what should I write on that paper :)

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